First Appearance - Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #4-5

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Hitman, by Sal Buscema, 1976

by Sal Buscema, 1976

After being humiliated by the Vulture, would-be ganglord Mr. Morgan hired the Hitman to repay the Vulture. In a contrived scheme, Mr. Morgan paid the Hitman to kill Spider-Man and deny the Vulture his long-sought revenge.

The Hitman confronted the Vulture and Spider-Man during a battle in a recent constructed and empty office building. The first fight ended in a stalemate as Spider-Man ducked out to recover from an electrical shock, and the Vulture fleeing after the Hitman sprayed mace in his eyes. However, the Hitman managed to tag both Spider-Man and the Vulture with tracers.

Later that evening, the Hitman got the Vulture's attention, and lured him (on his jet-powered motorcycle) to Spider-Man's location. Hearing the battle outside his apartment, Peter Parker quickly changed in the costume and intervenes. After the battle progressed to a construction site in Central Park, the Hitman grazed Spider-Man with a shot. As Spider-Man dangled stunned from his web, the Hitman waited as the Vulture swooped in for the kill. At the last moment, the Hitman fired, but Spider-Man (feigning unconsciousness) grabbed the Vulture and used his powerpack to shield himself from the shot. His contract spoiled, the Hitman managed to escape.

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