The Spider-Mobile, by Ross Andru, 1974

by Ross Andru, 1974

The Spider-Mobile

  • First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #130
  • Status: Returned to owner. Presumed destroyed

Powers & Abilities:

Originally, the Spider-Mobile came equipped with web-shooters, a Spider-Signal spotlight, and ejection seats. After the Tinkerer modified it, it had the ability to be driven by remote control, drive up walls (mimicking Spider-Man's wall-crawling ability), and launch special gas bombs that would nullify Spider-Man's powers (Spider-Sense and wall-crawling abilities).


Corona Motors, in an effort to promote their new non-polluting car engine, hired the advertising firm of Carter & Lombardo to approach Spider-Man about building a Spider-Mobile. Initially turning down the offer as a dumb idea, Spider-Man reconsidered when he realize how badly he needed the money for rent and expenses. Turning to his friend Johnny Storm, the pair began working on a Spider-Mobile (Amazing Spider-Man #126, Amazing Spider-Man #127).

Finally, the Spider-Mobile makes its debut. After some quick driving lessons from Johnny Storm, Spider-Man quickly puts the mobile to good use by using it to apprehend a gang of Hammerhead's thugs. (Amazing Spider-Man #130)

Spider-Mobile, by Ross Andru, 1976

by Ross Andru, 1976

At some point, Mysterio tricks Spider-Man into dumping the Spider-Mobile in the river ( Amazing Spider-Man #141). Corona Motors demands their engine back and threaten to sue, so Spider-Man goes looking for the car only to find it missing (Amazing Spider-Man #157). The Tinkerer, supported by the Kingpin, recovered the car and modified to become an engine of death for Spider-Man instead. Spider-Man battled it out with the Spider-Mobile managing to overcome the car and subdue the Tinkerer as well returning the destroyed car to the offices of Carter & Lombardo (Amazing Spider-Man #160).

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